Loyalty Program for Customers

BuiCreated an end to end Loyalty Program to cater to the clients requirements, covering broad elements like:

  • Creating a core Loyalty program, integrated with the various elements.
  • Creating a core Loyalty program, integrated with the various elements.
  • Create relevant interfaces to be used by concerned individuals with ease.
  • Keep information exchange seamless and regular.
  • Detailed reporting and Analytics to help further refine the program.
  • The suggested reports will cover following elements: Detailed Logs with details pertaining to missed calls received, Outbound calls initiated etc.

Focus & Differentiation

  • LoyaltyNxt is a loyalty solution, Focused primarily on influencers at the “Bottom of Pyramid”

More than just a Technology Solution

  • Works on a managed services model, and is not a technology Solution

Brings Brand & Consumers closer, in an innovative way

  • Using Innovative ways of reach and content creation, serving consumers what they need and building a brand connect

Scalable & Interlinked

  • Scalable solution that can be extended on need basis
  • Comprises of various elements closely

FC Edge Program

FC Edge program is an Android-based application in which brands can run their loyalty program and engage their customers.


  • Customer engagement
  • Customer Registration
  • Images of customer shops or office
  • Payment information
  • Competition analysis
  • Easy downloadable reports