What are transactional SMS and important its benefits for business

What is Transactional SMS and Its benefits

Transactional SMS or Transactional Messages is used as non-marketing purpose, which is automated text message which to be send by companies to support their audience along the customer journey. The better example is banking or otp generated process when you made a payment, the payment gateway requires otp for next process. Transactional SMS is a time of instant messaging system, which takes seconds to deliver and available 24*7. There are many Transactional sms service provider in Delhi, but Mobilnxt made it’s own place on the market in terms to deliver quality services.

Why Transactional SMS are very effective?

They are time sensitive: Because of transactional SMS are automatic, it delivered on instant basis when needed as already described above. It means SMS can be triggered instantly in response to a pre-determined point of action.

It improves Customer Interaction and Engagement: Transactional SMS are not just a service of notifications or alerts, it also establish a strong connection between the user and the company in form of engagement of user with the sms.

Transactional SMS are reliable: As per man reputed blogs and news websites, transactional SMS are reliable, always deliver on the right time within few seconds, which makes a huge difference in terms to deliver quality services.

Transactional SMS types of templates

There are very few but important types of transactional SMS, few we have given below.

  • Appointment Reminders: It is the most used method for appointment reminders, used by companies for reminder purposes.
  • Payment Reminder Template.
  • Booking Appointments.
  • Thank you messages

OTP vs transactional SMS

There is a huge difference between transactional SMS and OTP (One time password messages). Where Transactional SMS delivers Information necessary to customers, OTP SMS deliver characters to verify users before completing a transaction.

Let’s take a closer look at how the OTP SMS service operates. A request is sent to the backend when a user enters his username and password. The username and password are matched by the system. The user receives OPT once it is matched.

It could be done through SMS or interactive voice response (IVR) services. The user then enters OPT and either logs in or completes a transaction on the website. It differ from transactional SMS in the following ways:

  • It are time-limited, as they only last for a few minutes.
  • OTPs are made up of a small number of numeric characters.
  • OTP SMS can also be issued to banned phone lines.
  • An OTP is processed in a fraction of a second.

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